Protective Suit sale  Heze City High-Tech Zone Galaxy Clothing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of medical protective equipment, OEM clothing production and clothing design and development. The company is located in Heze High-tech Zone, Southwest Shandong Province, China, near Heze International Airport, with convenient transportation. The company has a production area of 10,000 square meters. It was officially put into operation in 2015. It has accumulated a large amount of upstream and downstream resources. It is committed to building a one-stop service platform for clothing and protective equipment manufacturers. The products are exported to Europe, North America, Central Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, Southeast Asia and other markets. The main products are medical protective clothing, protective isolation gowns, medical gauze, surgical gowns, medical shoes and hats, and have participated in government procurement bids for many times and won the bid. For many years, it has been rated as an advanced enterprise in economic development and an advanced tax payment unit.
The company strives to cooperate with many domestic research institutes to jointly develop new products, and strive to expand the Chinese and even global markets; our team has rich scientific management experience and superb technology, has accumulated unique core competitiveness of the company, and cultivated a group of outstanding talents, Lay the foundation for the company's products to sell well in the domestic and international markets. We will continue to enrich the product line and make China's manufacturing go international!Protective Suit sale