China 2.4 GHz Antenna factory  Fuxuan Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the manufacture of signal transmission lines, wires, connectors, adapters, terminal blocks, antennas, Hinge and other components of 3C electronic products, as well as low-voltage molding of components.
The company's general management office is located in Taipei, responsible for development and market development; there are three production bases in Dongguan, Zhuhai, and Taipei - Dongguan factory manufactures mobile phone transmission lines, connectors, adapters, etc., Zhuhai factory specializes in manufacturing high-quality HDMI video cables, The Taipei factory manufactures Hinge and hardware accessories; the marketing bases include two in Taipei and Hong Kong.
Fuxuan has a complete scale of five departments, including design, mold, manufacturing, quality control, and sales, forming a complete production and sales system. It has obtained MFi Manufacture Licensee certification, HDMI PREMIUM advanced qualification - HDMI 2.0 certification, UL, ISO quality certification.
The company has the ability of customized design, from mold making, verification, mold repair, trial production, to mass production, shortening the time to market for customers' products, ensuring product quality, fully meeting customer needs, and working with customers to create a win-win situation. , is an excellent partner of 3C industry.China 2.4 GHz Antenna factory