ChinaGearSuppliers  The most common brass gears is the samll brass spur gear, like M0.5 M0.8 M1. normally聽used on toy,
motor or gearbox etc miniature parts,聽brass gears have the advantages of good strength and durability,
relatively soft hardness, and shaking transmission comfort.
The common hole type for brass gears are round type hole and D type hole, round type hole is more聽
common beacuse is easy to process, and D type hole production is more complex, so the price is also
higher than the round hole.
Brass gear is usually small and light weight, we will sort it in small plastic bags and label it with size and
quantity, and then wrap it in bubble film and put it into cartons. We will be very careful in packaging to
ensure that the goods will arrive in good condition. If the customer has any special requirements for
packaging, we can also pack according to the customer's requirements.ChinaGearSuppliers