Automatic Bottle Filling Line price  Company Profile
DAHEPACK is a forward-thinking, design-driven manufacturer of precise auger filling equipment. We have led the way in innovative design, manufacturing and servicing. DAHE has earned its industry reputation by manufacturing full line of custom powder packing line for cans/bottles/Bags.
We serves many industries including food and beverage, pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical, chemical and cosmetic etc. In addition to your auger filling machine, DAHE also offers add on equipment such as ribbon and paddle blender, screw and vacuum feeders, tables, conveyor systems, bulk bag unloaders ,can cleaner ,vacuum can seaming machine, capping and labeling machine and replacement tooling for complete powder packing line.
At DAHE, we value our customers and are dedicated to maintaining relationships to ensure continued satisfaction.
CEO's Message
Dahepack continue to stand alone as the one of the industry leader, with a focus on future designs and advancing technology to create best value for our customers.
Team Introduced
Founder and president Yuanqun liu General Manager Xi Chen Manager of Technology Yingyang Liu International Sales Manager Dan Liu Service Manager Chun Cai Manger of purchase yingyue liu Manager of production changsun Hu Manger of finance Xinyi Zhou
Development History
Year1995 We started in Fujian Province ; year 2000 We moved to shanghai Pudong district; year2007 we bough our own land and built our facilities and moved to shanghai songjiang district until now
Company Certificate
Our machines correspond to the following standards like:CE/ ISO9000
Working Environment
Competitive Advantage
Founded over 30 years ago, a china leading supplier of high quality powder filling-feeding-mixing equipments and custom-made powder filling line backed by decades of expertise, experience and innovation to Milk powder, bakeries and food powder plants worldwide
R&D Capability
Product Development and Testing Laboratory our technical specialists can evaluate existing products and develop innovative solutions for your unique applications
Industry Status
One of the leading players in powder filling /packaging industry
Corporate Strategy
We with a long-term vision of supporting and promoting Chinese brand packaging and manufacturing industries to the world ,also committed our focus on developing entrepreneurship and helping traditional small-scale industries empowering them with good quality equipment required to cope with higher productivity and growth demand.
Company Mission
Our mission is to manufacture flexible powder filling equipments with a commitment to satisfy our customers鈥?quality and delivery expectations
Corporate Vision
DAHEPACK will be a trusted partner , focused on customization & extensive product capabilities key to our customers' success
Company Philosophy
Company Values
RespectfulAutomatic Bottle Filling Line price