P4.81 Full Color Rental LED Display price  Our History
Since inception in 2013 our focus was to create unique environment within our management and leadership team that fosters creativity and rewards new and inventive thinking.
It was truly the quintessential ingredient that led to our superior product lines.
Between 2013 and 2015 we grew so quickly we were forced to find a larger facility.
Again in 2018 we had to expand again. In 2019 we moved again to our state of the art facility in the Guangming District of Shenzhen that houses all of our machining manufacturing our LED Video Wall, LED Moving Head Light and Audio lines.
SZ Hongking Stage Equipment Co.,Ltd has all of the machinery and tooling to not only produce all of our products but to customize products for you as a white label manufacturing partner. Our ability to create custom orders is truly what differentiates us from any other Chinese Factory.
Our Factory
SZ Hongking Stage Equipment Co.,Ltd is equipped with all the latest technology and machinery to manufacture any type of LED Video Wall Panel, LED Moving Head Programmable Light and any type of Audio Speaker.
We also have many addition machines allowing us to customize and create new products to fill customer request or add to our already robust product offerings.
What makes our factory very unique however is the people running it. Our team is compromised of some of the brightness minds in their disciplines. You won't find a more knowledgeable team committed to support our customers needs.
The team at SZ Hongking Stage Equipment Co.,Ltd's goal is to always exceed expectations and serve our customers in any way we can. We know this is what makes us very unique.
Our Product
SZ Hongking Stage Equipment Co.,Ltd produces many products in the Audio Visual industry. Our products range from LED Video Wall to moving head programmable lighting to high end professional audio.
SZ Hongking Stage Equipment Co.,Ltd started producing the highest quality LED Video Wall in all pixel pitches for both indoor use and outdoor needs. Smartly we make panel systems that can interchange pixel pitch types as well as faceted attaching CAM edges.
SZ Hongking Stage Equipment Co.,Ltd was on of the first also manufacturing Stealth LED Video Wall Panels Transparent LED Video Wall Panels and Flexible LED Video Wall Modules.
SZ Hongking Stage Equipment Co.,Ltd is a leader in next generation products and we work with customers that want to create that which hasn't been created before. It's the quintessential ingredient that makes us far superior than our competitors.
Moving Head Programmable Professional Lighting were products that soon followed in our production lines.
Employing some of the best lighting Engineers in China, we developed a full line of Moving Head Lights that exceed lumen output in most categories of their class, that have a higher quality LED lamp and produce better visual effects with all of the addition features we have added in our light line.
SZ Hongking Stage Equipment Co.,Ltd is proud of its launch into audio producing the world's first Moving head speaker creating a how new world of sounds effects at events, shows and Productions. No longer is repointing speakers an arduous task. It's done with simple app controls.
As a company we believe challenging normal and pushing past what many say is the best. We refuse to believe that anything is good enough and always strive for better.
Product Application
As SZ Hongking Stage Equipment Co.,Ltd has a very large and diverse offering of products these products are primarily used in the following uses and Applications:
1. Conventions
2. Events
3. Theater
4. Gymnasiums
5. Outdoor billboards and digital sign needs
6. Permanent installations such as Conference Rooms and lobbies.
7. Ballrooms
8. Stadiums
9. Sound rooms and recording studios
10. Concert Halls
As this is a narrated list of the highest percentages, we have served many clients that have needs in many other industries.
Production Equipment
Our Service
SZ Hongking Stage Equipment Co.,Ltd has a highly trained team of customer service professionals that serve customers all over the world speaking many languages.
This team lives by thre main corporate principles, which are:
1. Clear and prompt communication
2. Provide insights to the scope of any project which include, rates of the day for materials, logistics and rush production needs if any
3. Provide pricing to client needs immediately.
These principles are what helps ease customer deadlines and enables a greater level of support.
Please call us and see the differenceP4.81 Full Color Rental LED Display price