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Neodymium tile magnet, also known as curved magnet, Segment shape, tile or arc shaped Neodymium a unique shape of sintered Neodymium magnet, then almost all of Neodymium tile magnet is used for both rotor and stator in permanent magnet (PM) motors, generators, or magnetic coupling devices.
Machining Process of Neodymium Tile Magnets
Due to technical limitations in the magnetic field orientation molding process, Neodymium tile magnet is always machined from blank. Machining process of curved magnet is normally selected from wire-cutting or copy grinding. Wire-cutting is well adapted to the machining of special shaped magnet, but it also accused of low production efficiency and high processing cost. On the contrary, copy grinding has the competitive advantage in efficiency and cost but short in dimensional applicability. Magnet manufacturers should utilize appropriate machining technology in accordance to the shape, dimension, material utilization ratio, production efficiency, and processing cost.
Magnetization Direction of Neodymium Tile Magnets
Neodymium tile magnet&arc magnet for frequently-used radial flux motor is magnetized through diametrical direction and definitely used in pairs. It should be noted that pure radially magnetized Neodymium tile magnets&arc magnets are extremely difficult to manufacture. Fan-shaped tile magnet is commonly served as axial flux motor magnet. For some axial flux motor, a certain quantity of chord magnetized magnet should be placed between regular axially magnetized magnet to form a Halbach array, then obtain more ideal magnetic field strength and distribution.
How to Enhance Motor Performance by Optimization of Neodymium Tile Magnet
The vast majority of Neodymium tile magnet serve as motor magnet. Besides magnetic performance and surface protective treatment, both shape and structure of the magnet have significantly impacts on the motor performance. It is a challenge for slotted motor to avoid cogging torque caused by interaction between the magnet and the stator tooth. In order to suppress torque ripple, vibration, and noise generated by cogging torque, curved magnet in either frequently-used radial flux motor or axial flux motor can be modified into the skewed shape. Eddy current is generally leading the temperature rise in the permanent magnet and caused demagnetization. Hence decreased the working efficiency of the motor. Laminated tile magnet which made by bonding several pieced of thin magnet together can dramatically reduce the eddy current loss without replacing the original structure and performance of the motor.
Typical available dimention and grade of Hongyu Magnetic Tile
DiameterInner holeHeightDegreeGrade
4-200mm1-190mm0.5-60mm3-180掳N35-N52Neodymium Magnets price