Operating Lamp manufacturers  Operating Light for Medical ENT, urology, gynecologic surgery light with best price
1. ZF series monolithic reflex operation shadow-less lamp is suitable for all kinds of surgery lighting in hospital. It is an ideal special lighting equipment for operation.
2. The completely closed structure and streamline shape can fully meet the aseptic requirement of operating room.
3. The optical path system of the special 5280 poly prism reflector ensures that the depth of optical path convergence reaches 1 200 mm.
4. The natural color temperature of operation helps doctors distinguish the site of operation clearly and recognize the tissue structure accurately.
5. Stable safety performance. When the main light bulb failure, the secondary light bulb can be automatically switched within 0.2 seconds to ensure the continuation of the operation; the control panel has the main and auxiliary light bulb damage warning.
6. Removable handle jacket, can sterilize and sterilize under high temperature and high pressure.
7. Digital control apparatus, with ten dimming, light intensity memory, low-voltage startup, automatic detection function and so on.
8. Using Germany imported OSRAM halogen bulb, the life is more than 1500 hours, light bulb replacement is easy.
9. The original German OSRAM lamp holder, high temperature resistance, not easy to burn long service life.
10. The balance arm is imported from Germany and domestic two kinds, for users to choose.
11. Eight edges rotating arm.

Technical Data:
Technical ParametersZF700ZF500
Illumination (Lux)40,000-180,000Lux35,000-160,000Lux
Bulb Average Life鈮?500h鈮?500h
Color Temp (K)4500K卤250K4500K卤250K
Color Rendering Index (CRI)鈮?7%鈮?7%
Illumination Depth(mm)50-180cm50-180cm
Facular Diameter(mm)160-280mm160-280mm
Dimming Control10 shift scales10 shift scales
Bulb Power150W150W
Temp Rise (doctor head)鈮?鈩?/p>鈮?鈩?/p>
Back-up Lamp Reaction Time鈮?.2s鈮?.2s
Input PowerAC100-240V 50/60HZAC100-240V 50/60HZ
Best Install Height(m)2.7-3.1m2.7-3.1mOperating Lamp manufacturers