Buy Battery Charge And Discharge Tester  Our History
Wuhan Relay Electric Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. The company's R&D team has grown from 2 people at the beginning to nearly 80 people now, dedicated to the development and upgrading of the company's products.From single following insurance products, the company product has covered relay protection tester, transformer comprehensive test instrument, resonance device, battery tester and so on electric power instrument of each classification, the product is complete, high stability, high precision, and all products in the upgrade, at the same time launch hand-held portable devices, provide more reliable and convenient service for the electrical test.
Our Factory
After many relocation and expansion, it is now headquartered in Optical Valley Core Center, Jiangxia District, Wuhan, with more than 10 production and test workshops for various kinds of equipment.In addition, it has offices in all major districts of the country.
Our Product
Relay protection tester銆乀ransformer comprehensive tester銆丷esonant System銆両nstantaneous Signal Recorder銆乭igh voltage Switch Tester銆丅attery Test equipment and so on.
Product Application
Substations, power stations, industrial and mining enterprises, power equipment manufacturers, power engineering companies
Our Certificate
ISO-9001銆丄 number of utility model patent certificates, transfer copyright certificates, etc
Testing Equipment
Fluke 8845A 6.5 Digit Precision Multimeter銆乀ektronix TBS 1072B Digital Oscilloscope銆乀ektronix TDS 1012C-SC TWO CHANNEL DIGITAL STORAGE OSCILLOSCOPE銆丟winstek GDS-1102A-U Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Production Market
Products sales throughout the country and India, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America and other places
Our Service
Pre-sale Service Commitment:
Provide professional technical support: We guarantee that technical specialists will answer your technical questions within 8 hour.
Offer reasonable quotation: we guarantee that the products you need will be quoted uniformly and reasonably within 8 hour.
Performance Pledge for Sale:
We guarantee that we will sign strict and scientific "technical agreement" and standard enterprise industrial and commercial contracts according to your requirements.
We guarantee the punctuality, quality and quantity of the strict implementation of the provisions of the contract.
We guarantee to provide delivery, installation, commissioning, training and other services according to the contract.
After-sales Service Commitment:
After-sales service policy: from the date of arrival, free maintenance within the warranty period, lifelong preferential maintenance, free upgrade of supporting software.
After the equipment is put into trial operation or normal operation, technicians of both parties shall test the technical indicators of the equipment.
The system is in normal operation. After one year, the user will be asked about the system operation status by phone at the end of each quarter to answer any questions raised by the user.
Failure of the control system ensures that a solution is provided to the customer within 48 hours.Buy Battery Charge And Discharge Tester