Plate Making Equipment factory  Product Information
The Curing Chamber are composed of a box and a control system with circulation fan, heat exchanger, intake valve, exhaust fan and air valve. Its control system includes main control box, frequency conversion box, temperature and humidity sensor, etc. All wetted elements in the box are made of stainless steel. The outer surface of the box is an imported salinization board, and the middle is a polyurethane insulation layer. More importantly, our products are produced by steel structure as a whole. Stainless steel circulating fans, stainless steel combustion chambers and other devices are installed inside. Finally, our products have good quality, if you are interested in our products, please contact us in time.
The Curing Chamber is monitored by PLC and HIM, consisting of three control panels connected by communication. The curing room is equipped with inverter motors and Siemens low-voltage appliances. The system needs to enter linkage mode, and the whole process is controlled by the main electrical control cabinet of the power distribution system. Secondly, it is equipped with an emergency stop relay, fault reporting system and audible alarm flashing lights. All pneumatic valves that make up the mixing plant are controlled by 24 V valves. What's more, our opening is freely adjustable. At the transition between the auxiliary chamber and the main chamber, a directing wind direction device is present to uniformize the amount of circulating air in each corner of the entire chamber. Finally, our products are of good quality.
Control performance
路 Curing stage
路 Drying stage
路 Control precision
Heating methods and power
路 Electric heating
路 Steam heating
路 Gas heating
路 Overall dimension - working chamber (L*W*H mm):
路 Usable dimension - working chamber (L*W*H mm):
Total Power: 3 鈥損hase, 4-wire system
440VAC 60Hz 63KW
Main blower power: 33KW
Transmission power: 26.4 KW
Compressed Air: press鈮?.45Mpa
Max Air Consumption: 1.5m3/min/set
Water (soft water or pure water): press锛?.1Mpa 鈮?20Kg/h/set
Steam: ress0.4锝?.6Mpa, Max Steam Consumption of Curing 100kg/h of Drying 50kg/h
路 High temperature
路 Pneumatic valve
路 program failure interrupt
路 power supply failure
路 Temperatures at inlet / outlet of the heat exchangers.
路 Variation of chilled water.
路 System trips if any of the pumps stops working.
路 System starts only after the cooling water / chilled water supply is full and according requirement of temperature control.
路 Transparent enclosure for the entire system.
路 Calculation and design are carried out according to German design code "AD-
路 External steel parts of main equipment such as heat exchanger, etc.
路 Sandblasting & Polyurethane from acrylic resin (two components)
路 Total MDFT of 80 渭m
路 Color of top coat RAL
路 The control panel paint with primer and finishing coat RAL
路 Sub-supplies such as instruments, fittings: According to vendor's specification.
路 Festo Italy.
1Curing chamber
2 setsWith the lift door
2Drying chamber
1 setWith the lift door
3Heating chamber
3 setsWith Gas Burner
4Touch screenSeimensGermany3 Sets
5PLCSeimensGermany3 Sets
6Recirculation blower
3 SetsSUS316L IP68
7Heating exchangerAlfa Laval
3 SetsSUS316L
8Steam generator
2 SetsGas Heating
9water spray system
1 SetTotal 120 spray nozzles
10Door elevate motor
6 sets
12 Sets
12Wet and dry sensorSeimensGermany12 Sets
13Pneumatic element
3 Sets
14Pipe line in the system
1 Set
72 pcsSUS316LPlate Making Equipment factory