pure Standardized Extract  What is Ellagic Acid Powder?
Ellagic acid, major content of Pomegranate Hull Extract, is known for its antioxidant properties. Those properties of ellagic acid help protect the body from free radicals. This helps minimize oxidation in the cells. We know that free radicals can cause cellular damage. These compounds are also associated with the risk of DNA damage. The main role of ellagic acid is to protect normal cells and DNA from damage caused by these free radicals.
Acid concentrations are relatively low in most foods. Taking Pomegranate Hull supplements is a more effective way to utilize this compound.
Product Specification
AppearanceGrey Power
Bulk Density45.0 g/100mL ~ 60.0 g/100mL
Particle size100% pass through 80 mesh sieve
Loss on drying (3h at 105鈩?锛?.0%
Ash (3h at 600鈩?锛?.0%
Total Heavy Metals锛?0ppm
Assay: (By HPLC)
Ellagic acid40%, 90%
Total bacterial countMax.1000cfu/g
Yeast & MouldMax.100cfu /g
Escherichia coli presenceNegative
Main Functions
1. Pomegranate Hull Extract has antioxidant, anti-mutagen and anti-cancer properties.
2. It causes a decrease in total hepatic mucosal cytochromes and an increase in some hepatic phase II enzyme activities, thereby enhancing the ability of the target tissues to detoxify the reactive intermediates.
3. It showed also a chemoprotective effect against various chemically induced cancers.
4. It can circumvent the carbon tetrachloride toxicity and subsequent fibrosis of the liver.
5. It has also antiviral and antibacterial activities.
Ellagic acid is a very safe organic substance, and you don't need to worry about any impact on the human body.
1. Pomegranate Hull Extract can be used with confidence in the pharmaceutical production.
2. It can be used in cosmetic industry. Removes melanin, accelerates the decomposition of melanin, and has a very good whitening effect.
3. It can also be used as an oxidant product, which has a very good anti-virus effect.
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